Turning Your Data Into A Profit Center

Featuring Anne Moxie, Nucleus Research and Ian Maurer, MediGain


Organizations have invested heavily in business intelligence and analytics with varying levels of success. Nucleus Research confirms that customers are demanding accessibility to analytics in their daily workflow and organizations need to leverage this information to remain competitive.

Traditionally companies have collected and stored their data for internal use but increasingly they are looking toward monetizing this asset for new revenue streams and customer retention.

During this session Anne Moxie, Nucleus Research analyst, Ian Maurer, MediGain CIO and Ramya Babu, Sr. Data Product Manager at GoodData, discuss how embedding analytics and analytics data products can help your company recognize tremendous ROI and new revenue. Ian also shares how MediGain’s implementation drove new revenue opportunities and led to a 1044% ROI.

We hope you find this session informative.

Anne Moxie
Sr. Analyst

Ian Maurer

Ramya Babu
Sr. Data Product Manager

About GoodData

GoodData enables Enterprises and ISVs to transform their businesses by distributing targeted analytics to every stakeholder across their business networks.

Our highly scalable analytics distribution platform allows organizations to unlock the value of their existing and third party data - creating best in class analytic products that guide everyday users to meaningful insights that they wouldn’t be able to discover on their own.

These solutions allow our customers to improve their relationships with partners, increase customer retention and create new channels of revenue.

We live in an information rich, digital world - and the majority of organizations have only scratched the surface of creating valuable data-driven products. At GoodData, we believe that widely adopted analytics will accelerate the success of every business, and we are dedicated to that mission.

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