GoodData Analytics Distribution Platform Technical Overview

Find Out How You Can Add Revenue Streams With Analytics

As the SaaS landscape proliferates, differentiation is becoming increasingly important for software vendors looking to land and retain business. Virtualization has not only reduced barriers to entry, it’s accelerated development—ramping the number of entrants in the market, while placing added pressure on current players to continuously evolve their products.

Embedded analytics can help you differentiate.

Why? Because your customers want them. In a recent survey, Forrester found that 64% of enterprise software decision makers list increasing the use of analytics within business applications as a high or critical priority. In fact, Forrester identifies the cloud/ SaaS and embedded analytics as two of the five technology pillars that will shape the future of business applications innovation.

Find out how embedded analytics can create new pathways to revenue for your organization.

About GoodData

GoodData enables Enterprises and ISVs to transform their businesses by distributing targeted analytics to every stakeholder across their business networks.

Our highly scalable analytics distribution platform allows organizations to unlock the value of their existing and third party data - creating best in class analytic products that guide everyday users to meaningful insights that they wouldn’t be able to discover on their own.

These solutions allow our customers to improve their relationships with partners, increase customer retention and create new channels of revenue.

We live in an information rich, digital world - and the majority of organizations have only scratched the surface of creating valuable data-driven products. At GoodData, we believe that widely adopted analytics will accelerate the success of every business, and we are dedicated to that mission.

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