Beyond Self Service: Transforming the Data Driven Enterprise

Featuring Toph Whitmore, Blue Hill Research and Sid Shetty, ServiceChannel

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
11am PT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET 

Data-driven enterprises evolve through three phases of digital transformation. At each stage, data technology innovations have helped end users get the most out of their data. But the rush to provide self-service capabilities has created challenges, leading to a less-than-constructive relationship between those who consume data and those who manage it.

As they move through the three phases the data-driven enterprise enjoys accelerated operations, better management, and improved efficiencies. But getting there requires vision, technology, and a commitment to collaborative data orchestration. Enter the “System of Insights” technology model.

During this session Toph Whitmore, Principal Analyst for Big Data & Analytics at Blue Hill Research and Marcin Grobelny, Director of Professional Services at GoodData will introduce the concepts of collaborative data orchestration and System of Insights. And Sid Shetty, VP, Marketplace Strategy & Experience at ServiceChannel will discuss how ServiceChannel and GoodData collaborated to develop ServiceChannel’s innovative Decision Engine.

You will learn:

  • What the phases of enterprise digital transformation are.
  • Why self-service isn’t enough.
  • How a System of Insights can help your enterprise.
  • What drivers led to ServiceChannel creating their Decision Engine.
  • The business impact of ServiceChannel’s new systems.

We look forward to having you join us.

Toph Whitmore
Principal Analyst, Big Data and Analytics, Blue Hill Research
Sid Shetty
Vice President, Marketplace Strategy & Experience
Marcin Grobelny
Director, Professional Services
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